How to build an amazon affiliate website [Complete Guideline]

This is really a basic and beginner guideline only for my client and some happy wisher. I just want to give a little concept how easy or hard making an affiliate website. For this purpose, now  I am going to make this guideline for “How to build an Amazon affiliate website“.

I have divided this tutorial into easy 6 steps…

How to build an Amazon affiliate website

6 Easy Steps: How to build an Amazon affiliate website

1. Search Low Competitive Niche:

To start making an Amazon affiliate website you have to find out a profitable niche. Remember Amazon has changed their commission. So be care full to select niche. How to find a low competitive niche?

Nowadays get a low competitive niche is so tough and you may face lots of trouble as a beginner. Here I am sharing some resource how to find a low competitive niche. Are you so much confused? Then you should hire an expert who can help you to find a hot niche to start your Amazon affiliate. Or you can follow my tips to find out

Where to pick a niche: This is the basic but most important part of every marketer. If you want to get the success you must spend more time and money to research. Because find a hot niche is not a very easy and instant task. Let me explain, From June I was very busy with my client project. I have not enough time to research myself then I hired an expert and he explains some tricks. And helped me to find out a hot project.

*What do you like most?

*Are you an expert any particular activity?

You should pick a niche that you are well familiar with that. May they be heavy competitive but it will be easy to go. Because you are expert and you can convince to your visitor and other blog authorities for co-operative.

Some open source to find niches:

Find profitable niche from here.

How to generate niche idea: Generate niche idea is very easy. Think you are walking on your nearest street. You will see lots of shops. From a well-decorated shop, you can get lots of big and small product. Then what?• Guess the demand for those products in the local or current market.

  • Are those products had the possibility to buy from online?
  • Is it sessional Or Evergreen?
  • What is the price range of Amazon and Local market?
  • What types of product is it?

What types of niche should you pick up: As a beginner I recommend some criteria to choose niche• Minimum 10 products (first page of

  • Minimum 10 products (first page of Amazon).
  • Have a good score in review (20+) and ratings.
  • Price range $30-$70.
  • Best-seller product.

2. Picks some profitable keywords.

This is the most important and complex task in building an Amazon niche website.

  • For reviews and affiliate content, must pick buyer intent key phrase.
  • Target long tail and use LSI also.
  • You can place some low search volume keyword. If it almost has a chance to get rank on google.
  • Pick keywords including week competitor(web 2.0, social, forum, question answer website etc) in the SERP result.
  • Most of the competitor has poor content and low-quality backlink profile.

3. Create content for your blog lover.

  • Make user-friendly content and well designed (image. infographic, video, text article structure).
  • Avoid misguided and don’t provide wrong information to your visitor.
  • Mention all exclusive feature with pros and cons.
  • Try to make the problem-solving tutorial.

4. Design your website looks like an authority.

  • Pick a brandable domain name.
  • Purchase the best hosting provider in your budget.
  • Choose a user-friendly and responsive premium theme.
  • Design a logo in branding focus.
  • Don’t invest huge money in design just keep it simple.
  • Manu bar background must be relevant with logo.
  • Focus your website speed.
  • Add high-resolution media with small size.
  • Website Title and tagline must be unique.
  • Avoid all pop-up feature.

5. Keep doing SEO as an expert.

On Page SEO: This is very important part of creating amazon niche site or any other blog. Most of the successes blog suggest a focus on “on page SEO” if anyone can handle it successfully all the effort they have a chance come true.

  • Maintain keyword prominence [Place keyword in Title, URL, Meta description].
  • Keep website URL short and readable.
  • Avoid stuffing keyword. Don’t use your focus keyword more than 0.3% per 1k words.
  • Maintain external and internal link smartly.
  • Embed social content (Such as YouTube Videos).
  • Setup Sitemap, robots.txt and google racking ID.

6. [Most important] track/analysis website and your competitor.

This is really a very short article. I think you have got a basic concept. And also this article will help you to get an idea why should you spend your money and how much. The tutorial for “How to build an Amazon affiliate website” is not finished here you must see all the instructions in the internal and external linking post also. Thanks for reading!!

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